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How good are your Job Adverts (Ads)?

Some recruiters and hiring managers are always in a hurry to dish out half-baked job adverts and then later they start complaining of lack of response to their ads or even worse, they get overwhelmed with applications from people who are completely not suitable for the role. The quality of applications you receive depends on the quality of advert you put out! Yes, we know that job seekers can be a pain in the neck (applying for jobs they are not qualified for all the time), but your ads should also be able to attract the right candidates despite this.

Who are your ads targeting? You need to make sure you are speaking directly to them and in the language they will understand.

Having a good job ad is not just about listing the job descriptions, it should be a carefully constructed message with the sole aim of attracting the best candidates. Your ads should be in a way that when your readers go through them, they are either ejecting themselves because they do not meet up or they are mentally ticking all the boxes because they are the right fit.

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A bad job ad will turn off highly qualified candidates and you end up wasting your own time scanning through thousands of unfit applications.

Here is how to get your job ad attracting the right candidates:

  • Write a clear Job title. The job title must be very clear and not misleading.
  • Give a brief description about the company recruiting for the position.
  • The actual job description should be succinct. Most readers do not take time to read contents posted, they would rather skim through. If nothing catches their interest they jump ships. Bet you want people to read your entire advert and the best candidates to click the ‘Apply Now’ button. Therefore, you must put in more effort into what you write. Make sure it is brief and captures all the necessary information.
  • Distinguish between, ‘must haves’ and ‘desirable’. When you list qualifications and job requirements, clearly articulate whether they are essential or desirable skills (nice to have or added advantage).
  • Talk to your reader. When you are writing your advert, minimize the use of phrases like ‘the successful candidate’ or ‘the ideal candidate’. Use the word ‘You’. This will make the reader feel like you are speaking directly to them. For example;- “In this exciting role, you will be working with …” or “you will be expected to …”.
  • Avoid grammatical and typo errors. Take the time to proof read your job posts, to avoid coming across as unserious to any serious applicant.

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