12 Side Gigs To Complement Your 9-5 Job

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Your 9-5 job doesn’t have to be your only means of earning a living. You don’t need to neglect your full-time job either. You can work a full-time job and still have a healthy side hustle.

While it is true that the Nigerian employment system doesn’t give much room to work two or more jobs at a time like it is done in more advanced countries like the US, you can still squeeze in a side gig if you are determined to. The good thing about having a side hustle is that you can use skills that are dormant in your 9-5 day job to make extra money.

If you are looking for ways to earn a few extra bucks try any of these:


Nigeria is gradually diversifying to Agriculture, you can ride on this wagon to rake in extra bucks. There many lucrative farming businesses you can take up e.g. Rice Farming, Cassava Farming, Plantain Plantation, Poultry Farming, Catfish Farming, Snail Farming, Goat Rearing to mention but a few.

There is also Crowd Farming – a group of people coming together to rent/buy land and use it for farming then share the proceeds or group of people investing in a farming business. You might not need to get directly involved in farming. Though this is a risky venture, it is very lucrative. If you must do crowd farming, make sure you enter it with trusted people.


If you are good in subjects like Math, English, and Science, you can take up freelance tutoring jobs. Parents who want their children to excel in these subjects, especially for WAEC or JAMB, look for tutors to coach their children.

You can also become an online tutor coach. Many people are looking for knowledge and information in specific fields and they are ready to pay for that knowledge. If you have the knowledge, then you could make extra cash imparting this knowledge on people.

Content Writing

Almost every business is online these days and many of them need copywriters, so if you love writing, you can make side money providing content writing services.

Social Media Marketing

It is no news that technological advancements are taking over the world. Businesses have overtaken the social space, you can key into this to make money.  Some small business owners need someone to manage their presence on social media, research them, make contact and offer your services for a monthly fee. The good thing about this business is that you can run it from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Graphics Design

If you love art and can perfectly transform ideas into artistic works, you can create a business around what you love. Help people create designs e.g. logo designs, brochures, cards etc. for a fee.

Courier Service

You can start up a small business courier service with minimal equipment and reliable transportation. It is simple if you have a reliable vehicle and a cell phone, you are set to go. You can either contract a third party for transportation services or start out with your own car, or van then as the business grows, you can upgrade to more and larger vehicles and even get a proper office setup.

Sports Viewing Centers

Football is always in season, from champions league, premier league to World cup. Nigerians will always watch. You can set up a decent spot with big screens, where people can come sit and watch their favorite team play, just for a fee. Also, you can blend with drinks and side meals people can enjoy while watching.

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