5-Step Strategy To Getting Job Referrals

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A referral is one of the best sources for finding new career/ business opportunities and securing job interviews. Though getting a referral might not automatically land you a new job, you will have a better chance of getting hired if a reputable person refers or recommends you for a position. It opens a pathway for you to demonstrate that you are worth being given a shot.

Here is our 5-step strategy for getting referrals.

  1. Stay in the radar:

Social media has made it quite easy to keep in touch with industry professionals and follow up on job openings as they pop up daily. Leverage on your social media accounts to reach out to top-level executives (influencers) that may be instrumental to your getting picked for the position. Send a creative intro to them detailing what you do and your value proposition accompanied with a CV. Check-in once in a while to make sure they don’t forget about you in their busy schedules but be careful not to act like a pest.

  1. Build Trust:

You can get referred for a job without necessarily practicing pushy sales pitch. This can only happen if you build confidence in people. In your daily relations with others, build confidence and trust through your actions. If you ever get a chance to serve in any capacity, be diligent and deliver what you promise and when you promise. Do not overpromise and under-deliver.

  1. Create value in your current role:

Make every job you do or the role you play outstanding. Always keep in mind that your job is important and contributes to the overall success of the company. If you do not take your job seriously, it will reflect on the output through your careless attitude towards it. Add an extra touch to any task you are given to perform. This reinforces point 2. Having a quantifiable track record of value-added makes it easy for you to be recommended for other open positions within the workplace or even for a promotion.

  1. Provide a solution:

Take the bull by the horn and be proactive. Get in touch with a resource person in a company you would love to work in, identify their current need or challenge, map out a possible solution then write a proposal for them giving hints on your idea then request for a one-on-one to provide a breakdown of your idea if they are interested.

  1. Attend and network at industry events:

Attend industry events and be on the lookout for employers or company reps whom you think may be of help. Go prepared to deliver an elevator pitch whenever an opportunity presents itself. Angle to see if there are any opportunities they can refer or recommend you to.

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