Searching For an Administrative Job? Here are 6 Skills You Must Have

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Administrative positions are one of the most available jobs you can find.

Every organization no matter the industry needs an admin person working behind the scenes to ensure everything is in place. The support duties administrative staff performs, make them more or less the oil that steers the wheels of every organization. Failure to perform certain tasks like stocking up office supplies, managing and communicating information, completing paperwork in time, making travel arrangements, etc. usually slow down operations of units depending on them to function.

What makes a good administrative staff?

There will always be skills specific to this role. To nail that interview you must demonstrate that you have the said skills.

Gird up, let’s walk you through these skills.

  1. Good Organisational Skills:

To help your boss organise and keep track of his schedules, you must first be able to do so for yourself. You will be expected to handle many details and challenging situations all at once. Be on top of your game by learning the hack of planning your day and schedule using google productivity apps such as calendars programs, to-do list apps, google hangouts, messaging apps, etc. Develop a system to set aside completed and uncompleted tasks to prevent clutter, coordinate the flow of paperwork around the office, and manage your time properly, etc.

  1. Multitasking Ability:

Most part of your job as an administrative staff will require you efficiently juggle between many activities and still keep a cool head without crumbling under pressure. You don’t want to give your boss the impression that you can’t come up to speed with the needs of the office or you’re a sloth who can’t handle more than one simple task at a time.

  1. Basic Computer Skills:

Proficiency in basic computer programmes is a top requirement if you must shine as an administrative person. Employers want to see that you can type, edit and format documents, use Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel spreadsheet, Access, Outlook, Keynote, Numbers, etc. to process data, manage databases, prepare presentations, budgets or present financial information, etc. These tools drive business productivity, therefore, being able to use them increases your value to the organization.

  1. Stamina to Work Under Pressure:

You will be expected to deliver on strict deadlines and it is your duty to ensure whoever you are giving support duties does not miss any given deadline. You must be on your A-game at all times.

  1. Writing and Proofreading:

Learn to prepare documents to meet standards. Your reports must be excellently written without typos or grammatical errors. Know how to write cutting edge reports, minutes, memos, emails, newsletters, and how to use apps such as Grammarly, or Plagiarism Checker to proofread your write-ups for possible errors.

  1. Management and Problem-solving Skills:

If your job is to support a top executive, you must learn how to coordinate and manage the affairs of other clerical staff like the typists, receptionists & cleaners, handle their request on your boss’ behalf or delegate work to them. An effective assistant troubleshoots conflicts among other office personnel, works with vendors to keep office supplies in stock and changes the boss’ schedule when need be not  forgetting to communicate same to him and the people concerned.

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