See How People Like You Crush The Salary Negotiation Dance

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Landing a new job is a dream come true, but what happens when the salary doesn’t meet your expectations?

For some people, getting the offer is more than enough, especially if they have been searching for too long. For others, a low ball offer is a no-no, they strike a negotiation and get themselves a better deal. It is not wrong to negotiate an offer if you feel you deserve more.

However, salary negotiation is not an easy task, it is more like a ballroom dance. The potential employer starts the dance by making an offer, you take one step forward countering the offer, the potential employer takes one step backward, then you are both on the same pace and the next minute they are stepping backward again. Even if you are a pro, if you don’t have a strong stance, you can be thrown off balance. You must master the steps and the rhythm to be able to strike a final deal.

Here is how to get the ball rolling in your favor:

Do Your Research Properly

Do you know what people like you are earning?

Look up what people in your field/industry are currently making. Match the job title, description, and experience to salary benchmarks for that position in your industry. A tool like Payscale can help you find out. You can tailor the search to match the country you are in, years of experience, the job title, etc.

Is There Room For Negotiations?

Once you receive an offer, it is okay to find out from the potential employer if there is any room for negotiations. Put a call across to the hiring manager or send an email, stating how happy you are to receive the offer, but you have some questions/concerns about the salary.

Find out if there is any room for flexibility and adjustment. If there is, then the negotiation starts.

Negotiate Within a Range

Avoid giving out a specific number. Instead, state a salary range, this way you have a high and low end for the employer to work with. Providing a range shows that you are willing to compromise and discuss from there. You can also consider negotiating other things in the compensation package asides the salary. E.g. Flexible working arrangements, leave entitlement, allowances, etc.

Back Up Your Request with Proof

You can’t negotiate a better offer without justifying your request for an adjustment to the offer. Go into negotiations with a clear explanation of why you think you deserve more. Prove to the hiring manager that your skills and expertise is worth a million bucks. Demonstrate and give illustrations of what you achieved in the past and how you plan to do the same and even more if you are brought onboard.

Finally, remain firm with the salary that you want, but also display some flexibility. This will show the interviewer that you are a team player. Be civil and professional throughout the process. Remember, you are making an impression on the potential employer.

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