5 Tips to Take the Sting out of Your Monday Mornings

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It’s another Monday morning. While a few people see it as a chance to start afresh or a new week to add more feathers to their crowns and take on new territories at work, others struggle with the blues. ‘Arrrghh! There we go again. Another crazy work week.’ Imagine having to grudgingly drag yourself to the bathroom while cursing under your breath and secretly wishing the weekend could be extended. If you dread Mondays and the mere thought of it sends chills down your spine, this is for you. These 5 powerful Monday morning hacks will give you an entirely different feeling.

  1. Clear your desk before the weekend:

Don’t leave behind a lot of work on a Friday all in a rush to get home, jump into the shower and change into your pajamas while slumming it out on the sofa trying to catch up on the new episode of your favorite soap opera. Whatever work you left behind will stare back into your face the following Monday morning. Endeavor to clear your table before calling it a wrap on Friday.

  1. Wake early; run a cold shower:

Set your alarm to wake you in time enough to put your mind in perspective. Waking up early gives you enough time to put on a work mindset and enjoy the process of preparing for work without rushing. Nobody enjoys being in unnecessary haste. In addition, a cold water shower will keep your nerves more alert than a hot one.

  1. Have a defined mission:

Yes, to-do lists are very helpful and we advocate using them to uplevel your productivity but you know what else gives a powerful motivation? Having a defined target every new day or week as you set to work. Don’t just create a long bland list of things to do. Make sure you have a defined target to accomplish every day or week then break it down into bits of activities which then makes up your to-do list. Having something to look forward to at work creates feelings of excitement that will make you jump out of bed to get to work.

  1. Eat proper breakfast:

Studies have shown that breakfast is the most important meal of the day hence it counts more than others. The good thing about waking early is that you get the chance to fix yourself a healthy meal for breakfast. Don’t start off on an empty stomach so you don’t spend the early hours of the morning struggling to focus while fighting off hunger.

  1. Plan your Mondays on Sundays:

Do not wait until Monday morning before figuring out what to do and how to do it. Self-evaluate your previous week’s activities and decide what areas you need to follow up on. This includes planning what to wear to work to avoid that morning confusion which further makes Mondays a day you passionately dislike. Having a plan in place gives you clarity and a boost of confidence.

Common guys! Bacon will not cook itself. Sober up and grind to success.

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