How To Motivate Your Employees Without Breaking The Bank

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As a business owner or manager, you want to get the best output from your workers, you want sales to shoot up and Returns on Investment (ROI). To achieve this you must have a well-motivated and energetic workforce. But money is not the only motivating factor to get your employees to consistently deliver high-quality work and go out of their way for your business.

Think beyond the regular salaries and cash allowances not because you want to cut cost but as a better means to drive motivation. Below are some ideas to explore today:

  1. Be accessible and open to new ideas. Can your employees comfortably walk up to you whenever they have ideas that could help move the business forward? They should be able to confidently pitch that forward without the fear of being put down.
  2. Acknowledge good work. When they make giant strides, praise them publicly and give big thumps up. It could be in a staff meeting, in the hall way or in the common room. When things go wrong do well to criticize and correct them privately. No one wants to be the center of an embarrassing situation. For some people, an open criticism may be difficult to recover from.
  3. Get to know your employees. Once in a while, initiate small talks that is not work-related. This makes them feel at ease and work in a more relaxed and less tensed environment.
  4. Set specific goals. Everyone wants to feel like they’ve achieved something. This will spur the effectiveness in them. Hitting collective, company-wide objectives will make your employees feel like they are part of something big.
  5. Start a monthly company scrapbook that carries the images of top performers or set aside a wall space where everyone can see it including customers/clients. Don’t forget to include what they are being recognized for.
  6. Encourage employees to help and look out for each other. Make sure they are also sharing information and expertise with each other.
  7. Provide opportunities for employees to learn new skills or improve their existing skills.
  8. Bring fun to work. The office environment doesn’t have to be serious all the time, spice up everyday activities with some fun. This will lighten things up on the floor. For example;- reward early birds to the office, zero absenteeism, include games or quiz few minutes before lunch or Fridays after work just to ward off the fatigue for the day/week.
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