Do You Read The JD Before Punching ‘Apply’ Button?

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It turns out that many job seekers do not read the actual description of the job they are applying to. They just skim through the first line of the job ad and assume they are qualified for the position. Some only look for the things that might match rather than understanding what the company is really seeking. Then when they are not picked for an interview, they get surprised and furious since they believed they were a good fit.

The job description is a very valuable document that helps guide your job search. It gives you important clues as to what the employer really wants for the role, therefore it is imperative you read the job ad thoroughly before applying.

Here’s a simple guide on how to read a job description and what to look out for:

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Look at the job qualification and requirements carefully

The job duties listed in the description should not be the determining factor of whether the position is a great fit or not. Most times they are written in general terms – a universal list of responsibilities for that particular job. Some tasks for the role are not included that is why you usually see the “Other tasks as assigned” on the list. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read the duties, make sure you can perform these duties before applying. Focus more on job requirements.

Don’t just rush to the ‘apply’ button because you saw “Motivated individual” Organizational skills” or “Good communication skills” on the list. Nowadays, almost every job seeker has those traits! Read through the entire section. The skills/qualifications/job requirements section is the area that will provide the most relevant insight into the role and what they are looking for.

“Must have” “Required” “Preferred” or “Minimum” qualifications are skills, educational requirements, and experience that the employer considers important for the position. You mustn’t meet all the requirements, but if you do not meet majority of them, it doesn’t make any sense to apply. You won’t be considered!

Match the description to your CV

A job description lists the duties and responsibilities of the position, as well as qualifications you need to be able to perform the job. Compare your CV to the job description. Think about how your past education and work experiences match this opportunity, then tailor your CV to market your skills. It should explain and showcase how you perfectly fit the position.

Read through one more time

When you finish creating your application, read the job description one last time before sending to check that you have fulfilled all the relevant criteria.

Good luck in your next application!

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