What Are You Great At?

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What is your unique selling point? What skills do you possess that make you really stand out?

Everyone has unique set of skills and talents, and that is what makes each one of us special. There is always that thing/things you are renowned for.  It could be that you are great at marketing and writing proposals, or good with numbers and no one can balance a budget like you can , or you are great at resolving conflicts. Whichever one it is, there is surely something there. You might think it is not a skill because it is easy, but actually there are many people who cannot do it as well as you do. Finding your strengths and actively using them is key to succeeding in any career.

Yet to figure out what skills set you apart? Here are 2 steps to guide you:

Make a list of skills

The first step is to identify all the skills you have.  Grab a paper and pen and write down all the skills you think you have.  It is important that you take your time while doing this. Make sure your list is complete.

When you are done, go over the list again to check if there are any skills you omitted.

Narrow down your strongest skills

What comes naturally to you? Which of the skills you have written down makes you feel strong? Take a look back to past jobs or responsibilities carried out, more especially your performance reviews. Recall the times when you felt invigorated, inquisitive, and successful at something, these moments are clues to what your strengths really are.  Figure out what part of your job you look forward to the most. Concentrate on coming up with at least three skills you consider your strongest.

You love to do what you’re good at, and you will be better when you keep practicing. After you are done identifying your strongest skills, the next step is to start enhancing those core skills, engaging your strengths, and continue discovering what you’re truly passionate about in your career.

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